i am a visual designer with a degree from the fashion institute of design and merchandising,  or, “fiddum” colloquially.

i possess the unique skill of seeing both, the details that comprise a larger piece, as well as, the view beyond. My goal in design is to factor in growth and sustainability, as well as imbuing creations with flair.

as long as i can remember, i have been collecting inspirational images, and maintaining a creative file collection.

in no particular order, here are a few things that get me jazzed: color palettes, personality testing, yoga, photography, documentaries, houndstooth, faux fur, tea, music, , dutch design, vintage 60’s dresses, li edelkoort, annie leibovitz, jumpsuits, old-fashioned cocktails, art, interior design, kitsch, shabby chic, skeleton keys, peacock feathers, flapper fashion, tassles, copper cookery, windchimes, the smell of freshcut grass, tulips, art nouveau, klimt, hundertwasser, rose, droog collective, cardamom and that’s enough for this list.

i can see beauty in many forms and choose to accentuate the life with my own unique take on beauty. every day is a beautiful day. what do you want to create today?

In the “posts” section of this blog, you can view my work, categorized by:



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